“It’s a long way….


Know the feeling when you are literally dragging your feet because it’s time to leave our beautiful Deep Creek Lake area and you know you have to go back home?

Well, you can make this trip more enjoyable – here is how:

From 219 turn left on Rt. 42 towards Friendsville. After a little while you will see Schoolhouse Earth on the right side. Stop there and browse their nice store, you surely will find a great souvenir, something extraordinary for your home or garden and you can sample some of their goodies there….

A little further down the road there is Klotz’s Farm Shack. They not only sell wonderful sweet corn but also fresh fruit and vegetables. Take some of their huge mums with you – they will look gorgeous on your porch or deck and they will last a long time.

And, in case you are really sick and tired of always having to leave Garrett County again, you can always give Humberson Homes a call. They will find you the perfect property and build your dream home – helping you to live where you want to play!

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