Not-so-nice weather activities in Garrett County

prgrsvimg the weather forecast calls for cooler temperatures over the weekend there is still a lot of things to do around Deep Creek Lake.

Oakland, MD is only a short drive from the lake.

Dottie and her team at Englander’s will offer you a great traditional breakfast or lunch. Don’t miss the opportunity to browse through the antique shop, you will find a huge selection of curiosities and antiques. From Englander’s it’s only a short walk to the Oakland B&O Railroad Museum. The newly renovated museum features a B&O pot belly stove, B&O passenger benches, local artists paintings of the station, and the Mt. Lake Park Station Train Bulletin.

If you happen to be in Oakland on a Wednesday or Saturday you really should visit the Farmer’s Market. Just walk through and look at the abundance the local farmers offer or get some fresh produce or homemade cookies…

Before you head back to Deep Creek Lake you will want to take a walk through this beautiful little town and visit some of the local merchants.