Time to get your winter gear ready

Email SigSummer raced by and so did Fall. Like it or not, we will be in for wintery conditions this weekend. Snow is in the forecast for Garrett County, MD, along with cold temperatures.

Time to get your snowthrower and the shovels ready and find your winter coats, hats and mitts.

In case something’s missing you can always stop by at one of the friendly merchants around Deep Creek Lake. The newest addition to the shopping world around Deep Creek Lake is the Southern Tractor Supply in Oakland. There you can find whatever you need around the house and yard. There are also several hardwarde stores, check out their assortment, too.

If you do not own a house in Garrett County yet, this is the time to seriously look for one. Give Humberson Homes a call, they will be happy to help you find exactly the Real Estate you are looking for!