This ole house….

HH Blue LogoAs we have been confronted with real winter temperatures the last couple of weeks you probably came to realize that your house is not exactly up to the task. Very likely you have noticed that there always seems to be a little bit of a draft and that your heating system just doesn’t seem to be able to keep the inside temperature steady, although it is literally devouring fuel oil or propane. You probably are trying to stay away from walls as the cold air seems to seep right through them. Same with your windows and doors. The last electricity bill turned out to be much higher than usual, no wonder, as you have been trying to make things more comfortable with electric heaters etc…..

Sick and tired of it? Humberson Homes can build you a weather-proof house, with an insulated basement, insulated walls, energy efficient windows and doors and a modern heating and cooling system that will do the job with much less energy.

Even if you won’t be able to enjoy your new house this winter, you will be happy you took the step next summer at the latest: Then the solid insulation and the cooling system will prevent your house from heating up and after a long, hot day you can come home and enjoy just right temperatures!

Give us a call, we will be happy to talk to you about your ideas and wishes and build you the home that’s perfect for you.