The Farmers Market in Oakland, MD

Email SigEvery Wednesday and Saturday local producers offer their goods at the Mountain Fresh Farmers Market in Oakland, MD.

Unlike other markets at the Oakland Farmers Market you will find only products that are produced by the vendors themselves.

Even if you do not plan to shop it’s still nice to just walk through the market and look at all the good things offered. Then again, you probably cannot resist treating yourself to a couple of homemade cookies or that jar of fancy jam or some fresh flowers.

Oakland is just a short drive away from Deep Creek Lake, MD. Take the backroads and enjoy the beautiful scenery which is even nicer than usual with all the fall foliage still on display.

You probably wish you could live here, and actually you can! Give Humberson Homes a call or stop by at their office. They will be happy to help you with all your real estate questions.