End of the season

October 31 not only is a synonym for Halloween, but it does also mark the end of the summer season. Golf Courses will be closing these days, boat docks are being taken out of the lake, restaurants move their outdoor dining furniture back inside, homeowners swap their lawn mowers with snowthrowers and we are all getting ready for Ol’ Man Winter. However, soon enough we hopefully can enjoy all the great winter outdoor activities Garrett County, MD has to offer. . . .

Halloween – Did you know?

Ever wondered why we are actually celebrating Halloween, other than it’s a good reason to dress up in fancy costumes and get together with friends and family and have fun? Halloween roots back to Celtic culture in Europe. Being superstitiuous, the Celts believed that in the night following Samhain, the harvest festival, the souls of the dead were out on the streets. To put them in a good mood they left out treats for them. Later on, approx around the . . .

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is coming up fast. On Friday, October 31, the ghosts, witches, ghouls and other spooky creatures will take over the streets. There is a lot of things going on in Garrett County, MD on that weekend. For example you can join in the TRUNK or TREAT in Oakland, MD across from 84 Lumber. Participants decorate their truck beds or trunks and fill them with candy for the kids. Adults won’t have to stay hungry, either. There will be foods . . .

The Bakery has moved!

Now the Accident Bakery is even closer to Deep Creek Lake! They have moved to the Foodland Fresh in McHenry, MD! They have some really good bread there, not that fluffy packaged stuff you usually find. Plus, their sweets are definitely worth a trip. Try their little cupcakes, their danishes, or, for a special occasion, ask them to prepare one of their beautiful and delicious cakes for you! Enjoy!

Ready for the weekend?

This short winter intermezzo should be finished by tomorrow. According to the weather forecast we are in for a nice weekend at Deep Creek Lake, with sunshine on Saturday. It’s probably going to be still a little chilly in Garrett County, though. Never mind, there is always something to do around Deep Creek Lake. You can go for a shopping spree in downtown Oakland, visit some of the flea markets, or go house hunting. In the evening you may want . . .

Double Dinner Deal at Jearbryo’s Hookers Seafood and Grill

From Sunday through Thursday Jearbryo’s Hookers Seafood & Grill offer their Double Dinner Deal! Choose any two entrees from their special menu, most come with two sides and you will also be treated to their special evening dessert for only $19.95! Enjoy a nice meal in a cozy atmosphere at Jearbryo’s Hookers Seafood & Grill at Bumble Bee Road, McHenry, MD. Don’t forget to check out their website at http://www.jearbryos.com/ for more information and their daily lunch specials.    

Haunted Hayride at Broadford Park

Although we are having the first snow this morning in Garrett County the forecast is calling for nicer weather on the weekend. Make the most of it and go for a Haunted Hayride at Broadford Park, Oakland, MD. This won’t be one of your usual hayrides, this one is really spooky, with ghosts and zombies! For more details check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/138377266189139/

Farmers Market – only one week left!

Tomorrow is one of the last Wednesdays in 2013 to visit the Oakland Mountain Fresh Farmers Market. Make sure to stock up on your favorite homemade jams and jellies and don’t forget to buy some butternut squash. You can use this incredibly versatile vegetable in lots of recipes, no matter if you want to prepare and freeze a batch of soup, cube and pickle it in a sweet-sour brine, or have it as a filling for home-made pumpkin ravioli served . . .

Go Golfin’ in Garrett County

Now here’s a special you don’t want to miss: The Oakland Golf Club in Oakland, MD offers 4 golfers to play 18 holes for only $100 on Monday through Thursday. Go golfing now, before the white stuff hits the ground and you won’t be able to find the little white ball any more. For more information call the Oakland Golf Club at 301 334 3883.  

Frost in Garrett County

This morning we woke up to a beautiful fall day in Garrett County, MD. In some areas temperatures dropped below freezing, and the lawns had a beautiful white frosty coating. This is the perfect day to go for a walk in one of the Western Maryland’s State Parks, prepare your yard for winter and to bring in your potted plants. In the evening warm up in front of a crackling fire in front of your fireplace. No fireplace to sit . . .