Snowshoeing Anyone?

Deep Creek Lake offers yet another winter activity that many people probably aren’t aware of ……… snowshoeing tours. Yes, you heard me correctly snowshoeing! I never thought about it being an option here but why not? It is a great total body workout and lets you enjoy the outdoors in the winter months. Not everyone can ski or snowboard but I think almost everyone can snowshoe. I myself was introduced to it when visiting Quebec, Canada many years ago and I loved it. Below you will find a link to one of the businesses that offers this fun family friendly activity. Woodsy Wednesday Snowshoeing tours are available right now and the conditions are perfect for the new experience if you have never tried it before. Not only do they have the Wednesday tours that last about 2 hours but they also offer a 4 hour tour for the more adventurous and more athletic groups. Not to mention the moonlight tours that are also available! If you get a chance to do it do not pass up the opportunity it is an experience you will never forget.