End of the season

October 31 not only is a synonym for Halloween, but it does also mark the end of the summer season.

Golf Courses will be closing these days, boat docks are being taken out of the lake, restaurants move their outdoor dining furniture back inside, homeowners swap their lawn mowers with snowthrowers and we are all getting ready for Ol’ Man Winter.

However, soon enough we hopefully can enjoy all the great winter outdoor activities Garrett County, MD has to offer. Try cross country skiing in Herrington Manor State Park, use the well prepared slopes at the Wisp Ski Resort or do some Ice Skating at the Wisp. No need to buy all the equipment, you can always rent whatever you need at one of the outdoor shops around the lake.

The less sportier types might want to go for a nice walk and admire the water falls at Swallow Falls State Park, always a really beautiful sight, but especially when they are frozen.