A break!

Don’t bother removing all the snow from your driveway yet….

Just in time for Christmas Winter will give us a break. From Friday on temperatures in the Mid-50s are expected for the Deep Creek Lake area. Seems like we will have to change plans for the weekend a little, from skiing to a walk or a run in the (green) woods.

As there is also some rain in the forecast our cars will probably show their original color again soon, just leave them outside on the weekend and you can save the money for the car wash…. Last minute Christmas shopping will be much more relaxed without snow covered, icy roads and you can visit your friends and relatives without the fear of getting stuck in the snow or sliding on an icy road into a ditch.

Next week temperatures are supposed to drop again, so even if there is little hope for a White Christmas at least it won’t feel like spring.

And, as this is Garrett County, chances are that we can enjoy real winter weather in January and February. Look forward to lots of snow, icy temperatures and to all the outdoor activities and the beauty of winter in Garrett County!