Did you know?????

After doing some research through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, I discovered some very interesting information. Did you know that Wisp was not the first ski resort in Maryland?

That honor goes to New Germany State Park in the 1940’s they had both downhill skiing and cross-country nicknamed “Maryland’s Alps”. This was a premier destination until about the 1960’s. Today the downhill slopes have been reforested but people can still enjoy cross-country skiing.

Most people associate Garrett County skiing with Wisp and that land was not purchased until 1955 by Helmuth Heise, Lonnie Long and Dave Marple which was then known as Marsh Mountain Ski Area. With the success of this ski area the name was changed to Wisp because of the close association of Will O’ the Wisp and Mr. Heise. Mr. Heiss was always well loved in the Garrett County community and every Fall a local business person is bestowed with the honor of being awarded the Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in his memory.